Wednesday, May 22, 2013

JAG invite give away!

because our blog is new, we're giving away 5 pairs of invites for
 Jag Origins show at Philippine Fashion week
May 24 6pm 
SMX hall 3
with special guest, Marie Claire creative director and Project Runway's 


1. Like our facebook page

2. Comment on this post on why we should give you the invites. 
the most convincing answer gets a pair of invites. 

Also, send your contact info (mobile number) at

Deadline: May 24, 3am

O ha!

Winners will be announced on our facebook page on friday 05.24.13 8AM.



  1. I desperately want an invite since I'm like DYING to see Nina Garcia in person rather than in the telly. I've watched project runway since season one and i look up to her appraisals and critiques in fashion.I also wanna watch the fashion show since i love fashion and PFW. I was actually waiting for Jag e-invites and sad to say when i saw the poster and link posted on the facebook fanpage yesterday, the slots were already full. I seriously wanna see this show and bring my girl best friend along. This is my last hurrah for summer.

  2. First post and giveaway already. You guys are so sauce! :))

    Cheers on the new blog guys, gonna add this to my reading list.

    Oh and see you there tomorrow at #NinaGarcia4JAG #JAGorigins. :)

    1. haha thank you lloyd! see you later! :)

  3. i want an invite because this summer has been nothing but a one big boring blah and having a chance to see miss nina garcia before the school starts will totally give meaning and life to this summer. to keep it simple, i just wanna see miss nina garcia cause she gives me lifeee! xx moi diego

  4. First of all, I'm a HUGE FAN of Nina Garcia. Second of all, you guyz are aaaawesome!!! hehe I'm joining this amazing giveaway of yours because seeing Nina Garcia (even from afar) is going to be a dream come true for me. I'm just a simple girl who loves fashion and the people behind it (Nina Garcia is one of them). So, if I'm gonna be the lucky girl who's going to be the recipient of those tickets, you are going to make this simple girl (Me) realize her dreams. Pick me and I will be forever grateful. Thank you :)

  5. Hi I'm Ysab! I'm an aspiring fashion designer, stylist and magazine editor. I came to know Nina Gracia because of her hosting appearances in Project Runway. And when I started collecting international magazines, including Elle and Marie Claire, I got to know her more. I want to meet her in person because she's a big inspiration not only to me but to other independent ladies and women as well. She's an icon of style, grace, and class. It would be an honor to have the chance to see her in reality and not just on tv. Besides seeing her, I also want to catch first-hand what Jag has creatively prepared for their holiday 2013 collection. To be able to attend PFW tomorrow would be a fun way to spend the last days of summer--a merry feast of art, fashion, and design. Thank you for this opportunity!

  6. Hello, :) first of all i would like to thank you for giving this opportunity and a chance to meet Nina Garcia. :)Yay! It is far beyond my imagination that one day i would be able to meet her and see her in person. I would really love to win those invites simply because as a teenage girl fashion really plays a very essential role in our society today, Nina Garcia is such an international fashion icon and i know that as i teen i would be able to learn a lot from her and apply it to my daily life. Fashion makes me happy and she's really an inspiration for me A DREAM COME TRUE if i would see her face to face <333 Thank you for this chance! :*

  7. There's no fashion without Nina Garcia. Winning invites to this event would mean a lot since it would serve as a graduation gift for myself (i have just graduated from the University of the Philippines-Diliman) and a 'startup' for med school. I need this before my heavy days in med school come starting June =)

    - Christa Z De Gala

  8. Hi good day! I hope you guys would give me a chance to attend this event. I badly wanna see Marie Claire and Project Runway's very own Nina Garcia. I've been a huge fan of the show Project Runway from the beginning. I've been planning to watch a fashion show, actually it is in my bucket list. As part of my growing up stage, I'm 18 btw, I want to experiment myself to be involve in these kind of events. Seeing designers, models, runways, and their creations makes me haopy. I've been watching different reality tv shows such as Americas next top model, Mega fashion crew, and etc. Nina Garcia is my inspiration in styles. Please pick me, it would such an honor and definitely will make me the happiest girl! Lol. But seriously, I really really want this. I'll send to you my contact details via email. Thanks guys! Much much love! ♥

    - BING ABELLA :)

  9. I deserve to win JAG x NINA GARCIA PFW tickets because I've been a JAG girl since I started teenage years and til now they still fit perfectly, where FIT and COMFORT always come together! And now JAG has been in partnership with THE FORMIDABLE FASHION JUDGE ON PROJECT RUNWAY MS NINA GARCIA (which I have been a real fan since high school), the ramp on Friday will surely be full of FIT, COMFORTABLE, FABULOUSLY DESIGNED JAG apparels. Now it's time for JAG to award me for being a REAL and LOYAL JAG ENTHUSIAST! O ha! ;)

    1. hi Bree, please send us your contact info :-) Thanks!

  10. I believe I deserve to win a pair of tickets simply because (as cliched as it sounds) I LOVE NINA GAHHH-SEE-YAAH. Ever since I got my hands on an issue of Marie Claire back in 2009 with Rachel McAdams on the cover, flipping thru the pages and stumbling upon images of fashion, beauty, celebrities lifestyle and more, I become interested with Nina and found out that she judges Project Runway. Back then, fashion was nothing to me, I saw it as a frivolous thing that involved only clothes. I saw fashion as a mere vanity. I didn't watch Project Runway for the designers and/or "Heidi Klum" (heck, back then, I din't even know who or what a Heidi was omg)'; I watched it because I was so interested as to how this woman would speak and if her writing and creativity would be just as good as her talking. And I fell in love. Became interested. Googled who Hussein Chalayan was because she spoke about him. Googled Elsa Schiaparelli because she also talked about her once in an interview. And that catapulted my way into the world of fashion. Thru Nina, I understood. Thru Nina, I gained insight. Thru Nina, I understood fashion. And style. And silhouettes. And proportions. AMEN HUNNII. Media encompasses a range of different information platforms, charged by and catering to all members of the public. As my primary interest (~~paSsi0n_4_fAshion~~ REALNESS!), I want the future of fashion media to have a more open and transparent architecture - and Nina Garcia does just that thru her judging stint at Project Runway. Gosh this sounds SO pretentious, I know. But whatever. All of these are true. I want to be in the same room with her. But I can't afford to cause I'm poorita. It would be EVERYTHING to me if I get to see her....

    Oh, and also - "Nothing is more alluring to a man than a woman who looks good in her jeans." - N.G. That's all!!!!

  11. Hi! Congratulations for the new blog! And wow for a giveaway!! Thank you for having this giveaway! I really want invites to Jag Origins show because..
    1. Nina Garcia will be there!! This is a huge oppurtunity!! Who would not want to see Project Runway's Nina Garcia!! I love Nina Garcia!! I'm a huuuuuuge fan!! I love the Marie Claire magazine! If I have lots of money, I will buy every issue of Marie claire! Ohh. :) Just thinking about it excites me!

    2. I don't just want to see her! I want to watch her on the forum!! This is really a big chance nobody want to waste! A forum with Nina Garcia? Oh I really really want that!!! At this very moment I already have some questions to ask!!!

    3. I want to see the JAG's Holiday 2013 fashion presentation! Which features the JAG's Ankle Cut Jeans and JAG Stretch Denims. Honestly, I want to own a pair of the Ankle Cut Jeans!!! Must save money!! Haha!

    4. Next, I really really want to have the opportunity to get a sneak preview on JAG Origins 2014!!!!

    5. Lastly, I haven't experienced the Philippine Fashion Week. I really want to watch and I want the first time to be memorable. And I believe Nina Garcia and Jag Origins show are the keys to a memorable philippine fashion week.

    That's all. Hope I'll win!! :) THANK YOU! God Bless your blog! :)

    I❤Nina Garcia!!!!!

  12. And we have winners!!

    1. Camille Rentoy
    2. Ysabel Abuel
    3. Ina Mari Atienza
    4. Stevencoco
    5. Bree Mt

    check this link for details on how to get your invite.
    Thank you for joining, and see you!